Decentralized currency & global payment network.



Helium is a digital currency and global payments network that you, the user, controls. Offering both Service and Master Nodes, Helium is creating a new digital ecosystem that increases security for blockchain networks while spurring innovation and commerce. The Helium network will be launching later this year and we are busy getting all the pieces in place. While we gear up towards launch, here is some general information on Helium including our Decentralized Services Digital Networks white paper.


Secure, Instant and Private payments:

Send instant payments to anyone in the World. Helium is a secure and private currency that is also a payments network. It is backed by the innovative technologies that allow it to secure other blockchain platforms of scale. Our mobile wallet offers unparalleled protection and privacy of all your finances.

Master Nodes:

Helium is building an entirely peer to peer payments network, giving users the same services that an online processor like PayPal does, without the risk of having someone else control your money and information. Helium is applying for several patents to enable the network to compete with traditional banks and online payment networks. The new approach will revolutionize the way digital currencies are used by ordinary everyday people, removing the barrier of entry to using cryptocurrency and offering the first 'killer app' to the blockchain space. The Master Node network is a dedicated group of computers that help maintain security by bringing a greater level of decentralization to the process. The Master Node network will also act like a savings account paying an attractive return on deposited funds that can be withdrawn at any time by users.

Service Nodes:

Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) is quickly becoming the standard method of utilising the power of decentralized networks. Helium's cloud blockchain services take the concept of Master Nodes and builds a robust economy around it, providing security and longevity to the network. All types of cloud services can be offered via Service Nodes, which acts as a support layer to the Master Node network. Using an Uber-type rating system, service providers are rated by the network and by users to ensure everyone is getting the maximum benefit out of the being part of the Helium network. Service Nodes allow anyone using the Helium network to run a Bitcoin full node in the background by just launching an app on a smartphone. This greatly increases personal security by creating an encrypted connection between your smartphone and a network like Bitcoin, along with increasing the underlying security of the network itself. If service providers choose to offer different digital currencies, you would also able to run the full node of any other digital currency of your choice within the Helium Service Node network.